TriviaLet's play some Trivia! Answer correctly and the fastest possible, and show who's the Trivia Master!
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Test your brains and reflexes in this Fortnite trivia quiz! How well do you actually know this breakout battle royale game? Find out with your friends—or even strangers—right here in Gamenanza!

It's a different kind of battle royale, where you compete with your heads instead of your trigger fingers. Get ready to test your aim and reflexes. We've scoured the internet to find about the most interesting trivia about the game. It may be about locations, characters, weapons, or even info about other game modes! Now, they're Fortnite trivia questions for you to answer. Each question would fall into one difficulty, easy, medium, or hard.

  • Easy - Everybody knows these, so you should too! Anyone with so much as a passing knowledge about the game should be able to answer these.
  • Medium - Here is where you'll begin to see the great divide between casual gamers and real fans. A little more difficult than the easy questions, but not as difficult as hard ones.
  • Hard - Only the most hardcore of Fortnite players will be able to answer these. Are you up for the challenge?

Questions will be a mix of Fortnite location quiz, Fortnite skin quiz, Fortnite weapon quiz, and more! Are you ready? Get your thinking caps on and answer away. Be quick on the draw, as the faster you answer, the more points you'll get. Will you be fast enough to get the Victory Royale? Gather your squad, neighbors, or friends for a few minutes of informative fun.

It's perfect for getting revenge on all the stolen or missed victories your friends caused. You can't beat them through brawn, so beat them through brains. Make a fun night out of it with this Fortnite Quiz about trivia of the game. You can even team up or play for yourself, just like the real game. If you play with strangers, make new friends or even new rivals. Have fun!

How to Play

In Trivia Master, your goal is to answer correctly as many questions as you can. For each correct answer, you receive points based on the question's difficulty and the time it took you to answer. The faster you are, the more points you get!

After the last round, the winner is the one that has the most points. In case of a perfect tie, a last question will determine the winner.

When you create a game, you can select:

  • The question categories
  • How many questions before the game ends
  • How much time you have to answer each question
  • If the room is public or private